Meet Our Practitioners & Instructors

Our friendly team of practitioners and instructors are experts in their field and are here to assist you in your health journey. We work together to create a wellness plan, just for you.

John Mocilac

Managing Director

John is the Managing Director and co-owner of eatfitlive health. He also is a Registered Nurse, a Lucia No 3 Light Attendant and a Detox Workshop Facilitator. John has always been interested in health but his passion was really ignited after an inspiring trip to Bali with his partner Annette.

Ph: 0407 930 560

Annette Eckert

Light Attendant

Annette is the co-owner of eatfitlive health and a Lucia No 3 Light Attendant. She is incredibly passionate about health and wellness.

Ph: 0490 159 072

Anaiya Cooper

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Anaiya is our fully qualified Anusara Yoga teacher, offering 3 styles of classes to the EatFitLive community.  She is the creator of Heal-thy Rhythm, a space that shares openly about the challenges and joys encountered along the breath to breath journey of healing thyself in all aspects of the body, mind and soul.

Ph: 0402 451 898

Frances Fuller

Sound Practitioner

Frances provides individual sound massage therapy and group sound relaxation and meditation sessions for people of all ages.


Ph: 0410 002 821

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Beth Ivers

Pilates Practitioner / Instructor

Beth is one of our fully qualified Pilates Practitioners / Instructors, offering a blend of both traditional and contemporary styles of Pilates to the EatFitLive community.


Ph: 0400 200 795

Clare Perkins

Pilates Instructor

Clare is a fully qualified Mat and Studio Pilates Instructor. Her Pilates journey began nine years ago as a way to manage chronic lower back and hip pain associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Isabel Granado

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Isabel is a very experienced yoga instructor who trained in Portugal under Carlos Rui and Pedro Kupfer. She is also qualified in Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation.

Ph: 0469 867 982

Erycka Pereira

Meditation, Mindfulness & Shiatsu

Erycka teaches meditation and mindfulness classes at eatfitlive health using a simple meditation practice called ‘HeartBreath’.

Ph: 0419 332 558

Denise Cann

Certified Hypnotherapist

Denise is a new hypnotherapist in our area and has been getting some fantastic results with pain alleviation when hypnosis is combined with Reiki, a hands on energy healing technique.

Ph: 0487 462131

Annwen Candy

Nutrition Consultant

Annwen is an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Consultant and the Founder of Nourish & Thrive. It is her mission to show you how to create simple, sustainable food and lifestyle changes, one habit at a time.

Ph: 0429 799 963