What is Eat Fit Live Health?

We are a health and wellness centre located in the heart of South Fremantle and we’re here to help you on your health journey. We offer exercise classes, nutrition & wellness workshops and programs and a range of natural therapies.
Situated along the café strip on South Terrace, eatfitlive health is housed in a 125 year old federation building (built in 1892) that has been completely renovated and restored. It is simply stunning and every room oozes character and charm. The vibrant energy of the wellness centre can be felt by everyone who visits and you will leave feeling revitalized!

All of our practitioners are experts in their field and we take pride in offering unique, state of the art therapies that are known to improve health and wellbeing. At eatfitlive health, we only source and use natural products, from our massage oils right through to our cleaning products. Everything we do is geared towards creating a healthy, sustainable environment for the wellbeing of our clients.

Whatever your health and wellness needs are, we’ve got it covered.

Our Vision

It’s a fact of life that as we age, so does our health. Our bodies can’t go at the same pace that they used to, even if we want them to. Life is busy. And at times, it can also be very stressful. Not only that, but if we also eat highly refined, processed foods that are high in sugar and do little in the way of exercise, we are stressing ourselves even further. As a result, our bodies are aging quicker.

We all know that our health is important but at times it can be hard to maintain. We understand that life can be full-on and that there will be days when you simply don’t even have time to sit and drink a nice cuppa. Let us help you, look after you – as this is what we do best!

We are here to support you in your health journey – ALL THE WAY. We want to see you get real results and we will provide ongoing support so that you can sustain your new found health. Our practitioners will put together a health plan that focuses on your individual health goals so that you get results quickly.

Our vision is to create a health and wellness centre with a real community vibe, where everyone knows each other and enjoys coming. You can rest assured knowing that your health needs will be met at eatfitlive health.

At the wellness centre

we focus on three key areas


We help educate you on how to choose good, nutritious food that nourishes your body from the inside out. We’ll show you how to do a safe, gentle cleanse to reduce your toxic load. We do this via our workshops, programs and one-on-one consultations.


We help you find a fitness routine that works for you. We offer gentle exercise programs and classes that focus on reducing stress and increasing energy levels and joint mobility.


We give you the tools to help you relax and reduce stresses in your life so that you can think clearer and feel more focused. We do this via our meditation and relaxation classes, workshops and our Lucia No 3 deep meditation light experience.

We create a nurturing and supportive experience so that you leave feeling inspired and ready to make positive changes to improve your health and wellbeing.