Sound Massage

    Sound massage allows the receiver to experience deep mental and physical states of relaxation.

    Sound has been used for over 5000 years as medicine for the body and mind. It has the power to balance our brainwaves and affect us on a cellular level -promoting relaxation, greater capacity to deal with stress and better ability to connect to our physical bodies.

    All that is required in order to receive the sound whether you are in an individual treatment or in a group sound offerings setting is the ability to listen or feel and receive the sound and vibrations- your mind and body will do the rest.

    Benefits of receiving sound can include (but aren’t limited to)

    • Improved sleep
    • Improved mental focus and clarity
    • Effortlessly achieve deep states of relaxation and clarity through alpha /theta state of brain waves
    • Bring calm and alignment into the mind-body systems
    • Less anxiety and a feeling of coping better with daily stressors
    • Relief of chronic tensions throughout the physical body
    • A greater awareness of and connectedness to the physical body
    • Pain relief

    Individual sessions

    Individual sound massage therapy $75 60 mins.
    Individual sound massage therapy for children 45 mins , $35
    3 pack individual sound massage therapy $185
    Seated therapy for people who cannot lay down. 45 mins, $55

    Sound Relaxation Group Sessions

    Place in a group sound relaxation sessions- see schedule. Adults $17,
    Mums n Bubs $12, Kids and teenagers $8 (Bring a pillow)
    Private Sound journeys for family/ friends/colleagues $120 for up to 10 people
    Group sound journey by donation – see timetable


    Book online or if you would like more information about Sound Massage please contact Fran:

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