Soul Alignment

    Could our past lives or ancestors affect how we live in the present moment? Is it likely past, unresolved events have been carried-over into our current life, blocking our ability to function at our optimum best?

    Soul alignment therapist, Anne-Marie Lynch (pictured) possesses a unique gift to step into the soul and through the process of hearing, feeling and seeing pictures (either from the past or future) is given instructions on how to facilitate shifting or clearing emotional and spiritual energy blockages – some from this life and some trapped from ancestral lines.

    These may stem from a range or sources – past relationships, previous work experiences or traumatic events, which when moved, can bring a sense of immense clarity and closure.

    Her practice has seen her work successfully with couples in crisis, property buyers and sellers (sometimes a blockage can exist between a property and the owner), entrepreneurs and business people unsure about the next steps to take in their careers, or moving habits that haven’t budged by other means.


    Hi Anne Marie,

    Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

    I have experienced shifts in many areas, but as a separated father my favourite session was about my relationship with my two sons. My boys have always been my life, but for the first time ever, when I hug my boys my heart is open and I can really feel them.

    This feeling of love is far beyond anything I have experienced before and fills me with such Joy. I am definitely much calmer in my parenting, recently put to the test on a plane. I also noticed a calmness in my eldest son who previously had been more difficult.

    In addition, I have experienced shifts in my relationship with family members, especially my mother.

    My career goals have also become clear in my mind

    Once again, thank you Anne Marie. It’s been enlightening and uplifting.

    See you soon


    • Date October 30, 2018