Mediation is a practice that uses techniques to put your mind into a deep state of relaxation. And in doing so, it creates space for greater clarity, emotional wellbeing and a complete state of calm. Meditation can assist with changing negative thought processes & habits, and for some people it can be really transformational.

    Meditation can help with:

    • Emotional wellbeing – it will get you thinking and feeling more positive.
    • Sleep quality – it puts your body into such a relaxed state that you sleep better.
    • Improving memory and attention span.
    • Has an overall healing effect on the mind and body.

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    In Isabel’s classes, it is practised Upasana Yoga, which is a Meditation type raised within the Vedic tradition. In this context, it is assumed that for a clear understanding of who we really are, there is a need to have a prepared mind. That is what Upasana Yoga stands for: to prepare the mind to clearly see and perceive the Self. Despite there are five steps in this process, it will be mainly practised the first four:

    • Meditation to relax – the main objective is to give us a state of mental, emotional, and physical relaxation;
    • Meditation to focus – helps us to train the mind towards developing the quiet attentiveness as well as the ability to stay focused for a period of time;
    • Meditation to expand – we learn to expand the mind through visualization or awareness, of the totality of creation;
    • Meditation on the values – to help us to develop command over the mind, to cultivate patience and to develop the ability to concentrate. Some examples of meditation subjects are the yamas and niyamas, the 20 universal values mentioned in the Chapter XIII of the Bhagavadgītā, among others;
    • Meditation on Vedanta – consists in contemplating on the truths that have already been understood, for a better assimilation of the teaching.

    Book online or if you would like more information about Heart Breath Meditation please contact Erycka on;
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    Book online or if you would like more information about Isabel’s Meditation please contact Isabel on;
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    email:    [email protected]

    Intro offer 3 classes for $30
    Meditation single Class $20
    10 classes for $180

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