HeartQuest Reading

Ever wanted to check how healthy your heart is? Well, now you can! HeartQuest is a state-of-the-art diagnostic machine that can look at how well your heart is functioning. It is a computerized system that has the ability to monitor your heart rate variability and analyse the biorhythms and regulatory systems in your body. What this means is that it can check for specific rhythmic patterns in your heart rate to see whether it is working effectively or not. It also looks at other important systems in the body to see how well they are working too.

HeartQuest can do the following:

  • Perform an Electrocardiogram (ECG) – this measures all the electrical activity happening in your heart.
  • Scan your Autonomic Nervous System – this is the part of your nervous system that controls most muscle activity in your body such as your heart muscle, intestinal tract and glands.
  • Check your brainwave activity and breathing patterns.
  • Look into your psychological and emotional state.
  • See how well your nervous system hormones are working.
  • Look at your meridians and chakras to see how well energy is flowing through your body.

How does a HeartQuest Reading work?

The system records 3 minutes of activity within your heart. At the end of this, it will give you a health score. And from this score, it determines what your “health age” is compared to your actual age. So you will get to see how healthy you really are! Plus, you’ll also get a comprehensive health report detailing out all the findings from the reading. This shows you what areas of your health are performing well and what areas you may need to focus on.

Having a HeartQuest reading is a fantastic way to monitor the progress of your health whilst you’re following a wellness plan at eatfitlive health. Our practitioners will give you ongoing support and feedback, and they will also track your health with regular HeartQuest readings.

If you would like more information about heartquest please contact;
John: 0407 930 560
Annette: 0490 159 072
email: [email protected]


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